Muay Thai and Boxing

Rick Roufus is the most decorated full contact Kick Boxer in the history of the sport. Rick Roufus, nicknamed The Jet, has been a six time world kick-boxing world champion in six different weight classes titles. In the early 1990’s he made a change in profession and turned to boxing, winning the WBC Continental Americas Cruiserweight Title. Rick also added the K1’s US championship to his six world titles in 1998. He holds an incredible record of 63 wins and 9 losses, with 42 wins by knockout. Rick is now actively pursuing MMA and has his eyes set on a 205lb title belt.

Rick is the Head Muay Thai, Kickboxing and Boxing Instructor for The MMA LAB. He passes along his world class instruction and knowledge to students of all skill levels.



Coach's Corner Tip of the Month


Rick Roufus Muay Thai
Since I have joined The LAB, one of the techniques that I have tried to emphasize is blocking. In Muay Thai, blocking is essential. Once you learn it, it will change your whole outlook on sparring. If you don’t learn and adapt to it, your legs will become bruised and beaten which is something that we don’t want. Remember, in blocking, you are redirecting the kick. Coach Kessler and I have taken pictures to show the different blocking techniques that can be used. I recommend coming to the Tuesday 6:00 PM Technique Muay Thai class, which is the class in which we focus on blocking. We want our classes here at The LAB to be fun, to continue to learn the proper techniques/forms and of course not to get hurt. Remember… check the kicks. See you in class!